Welcome to the NPC!



The National Payphone Clearinghouse (NPC) has over fifteen years experience in providing the service of dial-around compensation (DAC) to Inter-exchange Carriers (IXCs).  Since its inception in 1992 as the first DAC clearinghouse, the NPC has remained an industry leader providing quality customer service to all of its clients and responding quickly to changes in the payphone compensation rules mandated by the FCC.  The NPC has maintained its commitment to its clients by offering a full range of services and by specializing in this valuable service.

NPC Process Overview

The NPC uses a 90-day process in which to load PSP claims and LEC reports, validate claims, resolve disputes, load and analyze IXC calls (traffic) and calculate and pay out dial-around compensation on behalf of its clients.  The 90-day window takes place one quarter in arrears. 

NPC Services

- The NPC electronically accepts claims of payphone ownership from Payphone Service Providers (PSPs) and ownership verification data from the Local Exchange Carriers (LECs).

- The NPC validates the PSP claims against the LEC reported data to ensure that the correct payphone ownership has been established.

- The NPC uses direct deposit to make quarterly compensation payments to the industry on behalf of the IXCs.  Direct deposit enables the funds to be available to the industry on the first business day of the quarter.

- The NPC serves its Clients as a control point to facilitate communication with all PSPs and Aggregators.

- The NPC utilizes a 3rd party auditor to audit all processes in an effort to aide their Clients with the FCC Audit/Attestation requirements. A SAS 70 report is generated and submitted to the NPC Clients for inclusion in final Audit/Attestation reports.

- The NPC provides a central site for the sharing of CFO certifications and audit/attestation reports to the industry.

- The NPC produces valuable and detailed End of Quarter reports to the NPC Clients and to the industry to aid in compensation reconciliation.  These reports are made available for download on the first day of the quarter.

Our professional staff is available Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM (EST) to assist you with your dial-around compensation needs.